So I have virtually ignored the fact that I have a blog for the last six months or more. Well, I’m back… even if just briefly. Updating the virtual stalker so-and-so’s on the goings on of my life.

I am attending Northern Kentucky University and have quickly gotten involved on campus. I was an appointed senator to the Student Government Association in the fall, my first semester here. I came in at a time when the Intellectual Property Policy was getting passed through the board of regents. I have many concerns about the rights of the students according to this policy. I don’t believe there is anything illegal in it, I simply believe it may be trampling basic student rights to their work.

There is an upcoming higher education rally in Frankfort, which is tremendously important this year because of problems with the budget (aka the state has no money). If university funding gets cut, individual tuition will go up as it did at California universities. I am concerned that NKU’s SGA (which, let me note, my appointment ended in December) has not started advertising this rally so students can plan to go to Frankfort and take action. We want to promote student participation and it is a matter of constant concern that students at NKU are not even MORE involved in campus activities and events – well… Let’s see it SGA. Step up to the plate on this one issue and promote the hell out of this rally. It is not only important to your image as an association, but to the image of our school as a whole. We, your constituents, need you to be the leaders you claim to be. Step up to the plate on the true major issue of this school year.


It has begun again, my adventure into the world of education. Hopefully I will improve my writing skills and not lose what is left of my mind. I haven’t had a Spanish class in about three years, so the thought of taking one now mortifies me. My professor seemed especially kind and responsive, so I think I may even make it through alive.

I am going to love American Politics! I can already tell. The professor is amazing! It may be one of the only classes that I am actually giddy about. I know, giddy.

I am anxious about one other class and that is my Legal Writing class this evening. Hopefully it will go swimmingly. It’s a three hour class though and that could be the one thing that drives me a little batty. Not the content, just the timing.

NKU Webpage

I would post a link, except it seems as if it has been erased off the face of the earth (internet). Although, you can still search for it on Facebook and find some information. It was an event held in Berea a few weeks ago. People from around the state gather to discuss pertinent issues in the state from mountain top removal (mtr) to payday lending. It was an affordable conference, and for a first time event was fairly well coordinated. I wish that they would continue to have this event at least every other year. It seems for now that the most I can look forward to is going to the one that is to be held in Detroit next summer. I doubt that I will actually be able to make it though. I feel like having an event such as this one was a major accomplishment and should be built upon and not lost forever. The event coordinators had even helped coordinate carpooling from around the state to make the event more available to the masses. 

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth  is an organization that really took hold of me at the forum. I had heard of them and some of their work before. I had even attended a talk or two given by one of their members. I strongly encourage you to take the time to fiddle around on their webpage. It will be worth the twenty minutes, promise.

I also had the strange and wonderful pleasure to run across a certain person named Ada, who has been working with Appalshop since we were teens. I am so glad to even attain the knowledge that she has pursued her passion. It gives me hope.

I have always enjoyed Silas House’s writing and I am particularly pleased with this (golden) nugget of a blog that he has going. I am in complete agreement with the following excerpt, although I don’t know that I ever watched my mom nod her head at such things. Nor do I ever recall going to a church that preached this particular passage.

I hated it when the preacher would talk about the way women were inferior, referring to the verse I Corinthians 11:3 that reads “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” What I hated even more was the way the women in the audience would agree, nodding their heads and calling out “Amen, brother!” I hated that my mother agreed with this, and lived by it.

He goes on to all the other things he heard preached about as a child and his general outlook on those topics when he was a child. It rings of truth. My best friend in college was a Women Studies minor. I am sure that her parents must have mentioned this to her preacher, because the one time she went to church with them he preached the “evils” of feminism. She walked out. I think I would have to. How women continue to sit and nod through those sermons I will never quite know.

I just think it screams domestic violence.

I am in a bind. I’m 22 and if I was born 6 months earlier I would be just fine. The guideline for being declared an independent on the FAFSA is that you must be born before Jan. 1, 1986. Lucky for me… I was born 6 months later. This one thing screws up all hopes of getting into Berea College. My parents have to list their income and because I am an AmeriCorps member (and have been for 2 years now) my financial aid is going to look like I make no income and, essentially, look like I’ve been living off of my parents for the last year. Which is… WRONG. The reasons Berea should love me: I am active in my community, I worked 2 years as an AmeriCorps member – 1 with the Homeless & Housing Coalition of Kentucky and 1 with the Franklin County Women’s Shelter. I have also had a legislative internship with Community Action Kentucky.  I have participated in the Kentucky Coalition for Responsible Lending and marched against mountain top removal. I grew up in Johnson County and want desperately to give back to the community that raised me, oh so well. I am currently heading a service project to renovate a local safe house.

I have so much to offer, so much I want to offer.

It depresses me to think that one little glitch in my financial aid… and my chances are slim to zilch to be accepted to Berea College.


Designating burgoo as the state dish of Kentucky.


Really? I don’t believe I’ve ever even had burgoo. Recipe anyone? And why someone finds that now is the appropriate time to file this particular bill, I will never know.